Instagram new feature to pin your post & video on Your Instagram profile.

Instagram new feature to pin your post & video on Your Instagram profile.

Have you thought that what if you could put your favorite posts or the best posts that performed very well on the top of your profile on Instagram? It is an amazing way to let your audience view best of your posts, isn’t it? We have an awesome thing to share. Instagram has launched a new feature in which users can pin upto three posts on the top of their profile which are their favorites. The posts may be of any type, including photos or reels.

“Your profile is your space, so we’re looking for more ways to give you control over that experience,” said Instagram head Adam Mosseri in a video posted to his social channels about the new feature.

If your favorite post has been buried deep down somewhere in the grid, it is an awesome feature. Also for influencers, it is an opportunity to pin their best performing posts to create a very good first impression. This feature allows you to pin your posts on your profile in addition to the already existing feature of highlighting your best stories in your profile.

Steps to Pin your video and photos on your Instagram Profile

STEP 1 : Open the Instagram app and Login to your Profile.

STEP 2: Go to the profile and select the post, video or Reel you want to pin.

STEP 3 : Go to the post that you want to pin. And click on the three dots on the top right of the page. Select “Pin to your profile”.

STEP 4 : Your post is pinned.

Previously, you would have to highlight a post in a Story and then pin that story to your profile,but now this feature makes the whole process a lot easier as well more efficient. The new feature is similar to Twitter’s “Pin to your profile” feature and TikTok’s “Pinned videos” option, both of which let you pin content to the top of your profile.

Meta also recently launched several features for its Reels products across both Facebook and Instagram. One of them is a Sound Sync feature on Facebook Reels and added support for longer Instagram Reels of up to 90 seconds, up from the previous 60 seconds limit. The company also introduced several more creative tools, audio tools, templates and other options to make Reels more engaging.

Garima Jain