6 Social Media Mistakes You Must Avoid

6 Social Media Mistakes You Must Avoid

Social media is blinded by glitter and fame but you must not forget yourself. Nothing on social media is true, if you see people having fun, and living their best life it is because they want to show this to you. Everyone goes through things in their life that they dost post on social media. 

A lot of people feel bad about themselves because they can not match the realities of social media. Take social media as an entertainment platform and nothing more, nobody there is real and neither are their lives. 

Today we will share 7 social media mistakes that many people make unknowingly. 

What To Avoid When Using Social Media 

Social media is a dreamland, we consume a lot of content on social media but not everything glitters is gold. 

Failing to connect with your audience 

As a budding brand or influencer on social media, it is essential that you connect with your audience. Your followers are your virtual family, they can make or break you so be careful. 

Know what your audience likes about your content, if they like fashion styling then add more of that. Be creative with your content and try to build a story with your connection that your audience can relate to. 

Let your audience actively take part in live sessions, Q&A, and host giveaways to connect with your audience. 

Social media VS reality 

We are always on social media that often we fail to draw a line between reality and social media. Both of these are different and it is important to find a common ground. 

Social media is a place where people can showcase a part of their life, it is not their entire life. Nobody likes to show their lows on social media and as a consumer, we fail to understand this.

 Looking at other people’s lives makes us wonder why we are failing but in reality, that person may also be going through something worse. 

Fake followers 

Everyone knows growing on social media takes time, a lot of people do not have the patience. Buying followers is not ideal for your community, it is essential to grow organically with the help of your content. 

Anyone can buy followers are promote themself on social media but it only takes the hardworking people to actually work towards their fame. People who buy fake followings just to look cool can never match the content and dedication of someone who has built himself from scratch. 

You will be able to grow organically if you showcase your creativity through your content and are consistent with your work. 

Treating all social media platforms the same 

Another common social media mistake that everyone makes is treating all of the social media platforms the same way. While you can post some similar content here and there you should not copy-paste everything. 

Each social media platform is unique they work in different ways and have different algorithms. Facebook and Instagram may look very similar but both have a different audience. If you know your audience then you know which social media platform they will prefer. 

The majority of the time you can find Instagram’s audience to be much younger than Facebook’s audience. Make sure you create separate content for both your social media platforms that can cater to both types of audiences. 

Not making a monthly marketing plan

Another common mistake that most people on social media make is not coming up with a systematic monthly marketing plan. It is important to know when what content is due. 

Plan your content according to holidays and festivals as you will be able to attract more audience. Create a monthly calendar that does not only have your monthly posts but can also incorporate monthly marketing campaigns. 

The last week of the month should be dedicated to creating a monthly plan for the next month. This will be time effective and you can work on new projects without worrying. 

Not using #hastags 

Using appropriate hashtags can really help you grow your content organically. A lot of people take this lightly but hashtags do have power that can help you. 

Make sure you plan your content ahead, this gives you time to search for relevant hashtags and post them with your content. You can also promote your own customized hashtags and ask your audience to use them in their post. 


We hope you liked the common mistakes that everyone makes on social media. Make sure you keep these in mind for future reference!

Akash Singh

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