How to Get More Reel Views on Instagram Reels | 10k+ Views

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By Garima Jain

Instagram Reels is very popular and nowadays people mostly use Instagram to scroll reels. It can be one of the best ways to increase your brand presence and your views on Instagram. You can get a spot on the Explore Page by creating Instagram reels and this is one of the best strategies to Get More Reel Views on Instagram, we are going to tell you the genuine way that works to get more views on reels

250 million people are creating reels and the competition is very high as of 2021. Getting eyes and attention has become increasingly challenging.

In this article, I will give you some of the best ways to make your reels much more visible and get thousands of views.

#1. Hashtags

Hashtags can provide you with crazy traffic if you know how to use it correctly. This is something very obvious and important in order to target the right way on Instagram. There are different types of hashtags you can use.

  • Branded hashtags
  • Campaign hashtags
  • event hashtags
  • phrase or keyword hashtags
  • Location
  • Viral hashtags

In your posts, you require a mix of the above hastags to make it reach a wide range of audience.

#2. Posting Time

Posting at any time you like is not a wise thing to do at all. You need to understanding posting at a time when most people are inactive has consequences because your reels may get older once people are active because they will be recommended new reels.

Also, the first few hours are important because it lets the algorithm whether your content is engaging or not. Therefore you need to find a time when a lot of people are active and then post your reels.

Also, keep an eye on Insights. You need to switch to a professional account for that, then go to your Insights and know at what time your followers are the most active.

#3. Create Suspense

How can you create suspense in a 60 seconds reel? you would ask. Now, you all would have seen reels in which on the top it is written, “Wait till the end”, “wait for it”, etc. This creates a curiosity in the mind of the viewer and the audience watches the whole reel because you have created suspense and they think that something is going to happen.

But don’t fool your audience, you have to actually make your content interesting and worth the wait.

#4. CTA

CTA means a Call to Action. And it is important a lot of time to add a CTA to make your reels more engaging and viewable. Don’t just expect your audience to do something after viewing your reel. Ask them what you want. Do you want To get more likes, comments, and Reel shares, whatever it is, ASK!

If you are making content which is relatable or is something that a friend does. Ask to tag a friend, or say tag a family member, tag that cousin, tag your best friend, or tag you love. Something like that. When a lot of people tag on comments, more people will be viewing your reels and also Instagram will think that the content is very engaging and it will also start promoting it.

Therefore, adding a CTA to your reels makes it much more viewable and engaging and that’s how you can Get 10000+ Views on Instagram Reels.

#5. Follow trends to Get More Views on Instagram Reels

Trends are the life and soul of Instagram. Always be active on trends and make content which has the most potential to go viral. When you use trending song on your reels, the Instagram algorithm identifies them and more of those videos in the viewer’s feed is streamed.

Therefore, hopping on trends is the best bet you can have to get more views on Instagram reels.

#6. Don’t watch your own reels

What people do is watch their own reels and enjoy music or for looking how many likes and views they got, etc. Whatever the reason, watching your own reels gives the message to the Instagram algorithm that you are increasing your views by looking at your own reels.

The conclusion is that you can increase your Instagram reel views by some simple strategies like posting on the right time, Including a CTA, following trends, Using the right hashtags and creating suspense. Most important is the quality of content, and if you have lots of followers then the chances are that you will get more views on your post as well, You can also gain free Instagram followers through our website.