Is your Instagram Reach Down ? Here’s How to Quick Fix It

Is your Instagram Reach Down ? Here’s How to Quick Fix It

Reaching new followers and consistent engagement on Instagram is challeging with the ever changing algorithm. You may be having trouble to get the same reach on Instagram as earlier or you aren’t getting new followers or profile visits or likes on Instagram. Chances are you might be making some small mistakes which is affecting your reach. However, you need not worry because for that there are some quick fixes you can do.

In this article, I will be pointing some key mistakes you would have been doing and the way to fix it.

So let’s go !

#1 Using Banned Hashtags

One of the mistakes you might be doing is using the hashtags which are banned or are of no use.

You would ask, what are banned hashtags? Banned Hashtags are the ones that won’t provide you any reach on the platform. Instagram has some community guidelines and if you use these hashtags, it may take them as spams which may lead to your posts being hidden from viewers.

Using Banned hashtags may also lead to flagging of your account and repeated flags can even lead to your Instagram account removal.

Now you would ask, ‘ How to find banned hashtags or how to recognize them?’

The list keeps changing and there isn’t the same hashtags which are banned always. However, there is a very simple way to avoid banned hashtags.

IQ Hashtags Banned Hashtags search tool is a free tool which you can use to spot banned hashtags and save time and effort.

#2 Account in Private Mode

This statement is self explanatory in itself. However some people would be having their account private either unknowingly or by mistake. So no issues with that. You can fix this by making your account public by going on accounts page.

No one would be following your account if they have to request it first and also they won’t be able to see your posts and all which again leads to limited or no reach at all.

What leads people to follow is the look of your profile, and quality of the content and if they are not seeing it right away no one would be tempted to follow you.

Therefore, to increase your following, Do the Obvious! Set your Profile to Public.

#3 Not using Location Tags

It is a thing that we ignore the most. However, it plays a very important role in determining your reach, especially if you have local brand or business or if you want followers from the same location.

It doesn’t require too much effort to fix this. You just have to Use location tags in your posts.

#4 Using the Same Hashtags again

Putting different hashtags for different posts may appear to be impossible because coming up with so many posts can mean a lot of research as well as inefficiency. Moreover, there will always be some standard hashtags which will be required to be in all the posts, because it may represent your industry or brand or products. However apart from some, you should never use all the same hashtags.

Instagram’s algorithms uses hashtags to categorize your content and deliver it to the right sets of people. And Instagram doesn’t appreciate any signs of automation and re-using the same hashtags, therefore, may decrease your reach potential.

Hashtag search tool is a quick way and an efficient tool to aid you if you are running out of hashtag ideas. This may help you in fixing your hashtag issue.

#5 Not Revamping your Content

This is the last and most important thing that you need to keep in mind. A lot of you not revamp your content strategy on a regular basis. One of the reasons why your reach might be decreasing is because of your content.

Maybe you are not experimenting with your content, your content quality may be diminishing or the content you are producing isn’t valuable anymore. Whatever the reason may be, it is imperative to update your content plan and strategies constantly according to the insights and analysis you are getting.

the quick fix for this is analysing your content from last 30 days, see which posts performed the best, what types of content is the most efficient and built upon the information you have got. For examples, reels have performed much better then post more reels from now on. Or say personal stories works, make that kind of content more and experiment every now and then with content topics.

Garima Jain