How to save disappearing Photos & videos on Instagram without them knowing

How to save disappearing Photos & videos on Instagram without them knowing

How to save disappearing Photos & videos on Instagram without them knowing ?, Unlike Snapchat, which notifies users when someone screenshots a story or message, Instagram only provides this feature on disappearing messages. Everything else, from stories to posts to comments and beyond, is just off the radar, and no amount of screenshotting will result in a notification to the original poster unless Instagram changes its policies soon.

 However, disappearing Instagram messages do send out a notification to the user who sent them. This implies you won’t be able to take a screenshot without them knowing. Is that correct? If taking screenshots of vanishing messages and DMs is justified morally, here are a few options to consider. Again, these approaches should not be utilised to scare, intimidate or harass other Instagram users.

1. Take a screenshot while in Airplane Mode.

How to Take screenshots of disappearing photos instagram ?

Although this procedure is not difficult, it is slightly uncomfortable but effective. I divided it into two sections.

  • The first part involves taking a Screenshot.
  • First, locate the vanished message you received in the conversation but do not open i
  • close all the Intenet connectivity and turn on the Airplane Mode.
  • Tab on “View Photo,” and the photo will appear on the screen.
    Take a picture of it.

Part 2: When using Instagram for Android, users only need to “Force Stop” the programme and then reconnect to the internet. Here’s how to go about it.

  • Long-press on the Instagram symbol to see “App Info.”
  • Select “Force Stop.”
  • When the system prompts you for confirmation, click “OK” or “Yes.”
  • Switch off Airplane Mode and enable Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  • Start Instagram.

2. Make use of a screen recorder app.

This is another solution for taking screenshots of DMs and disappearing messages. The possibilities of it triggering a notification to the sender are small, therefore you can utilise this feature with confidence.

All you need to do is use a screen recorder app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Step-by-step instructions are provided.

  • Launch the screen recorder app and enable recording, provided you’ve granted it all the necessary permissions.
  • View the vanishing message on Instagram on your phone.
  • After that, terminate the screen recording session and save the file.
  • You now have a short clip with a screenshot of the vanishing photo that you may save locally. It’s worth noting that grabbing anything other than vanishing messages will result in no notification at all.

3. Instagram’s Official Website can also be used

Did you know Instagram offers a web version? If you didn’t, it was because the web version was inadequate. However, the web version has expanded significantly and now provides a fully functional interface for everything from reading tales to sending messages and more.
If you need to take a screenshot for direct messages (or DM), you can do so on the Instagram website as well. Unless Instagram changes its policies, there will be no screenshot notification triggered immediately after someone screenshots a DM.

4. Take photo from another Device

This is one of the simplest ways. You can just take a photo from another device . Open the disappearing message and click the picture as fast as possible and that’s it. You have the meddage or image without anyone getting notified.


How do you preserve vanishing Instagram photos without people knowing?
There are a few methods for saving vanishing Instagram images without people knowing. One method is to take a screenshot of the image. Another option is to save the snapshot using a third-party app.

How do you save a vanishing Instagram message?
If you send a disappearing Instagram message and don’t want to erase it, you can keep it by snapping a screenshot.

Can photos that vanish be saved?
Yes, the photo can be recovered if it has been backed up to a cloud service or other storage device. If the photo was solely saved on the phone or computer, it could be gone forever.

Is it possible to determine if someone screenshots your Instagram?
You certainly can. When someone screenshots a post on Instagram, the account owner is notified.
What exactly is Instagram’s vanish mode?

Vanish mode is an Instagram feature that allows users to conceal their posts from other users. This is handy for those who want to keep their postings secret or temporarily remove them from public view.

So here were some ways to save vanishing messages as well as some common questions that would have regarding them. We hop3 now that you have gone through the article and now you know how to save disappearing photos & videos on Instagram without them knowing.

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Garima Jain