How to find your watched Instagram reels History | 2023

How to find your watched Instagram reels History | 2023

Do you want to watch the Instagram Reels watch history that you have seen previously? Do you want to go through your Instagram watch history? Unfortunately, as of now, Instagram doesn’t have any features that can let you watch all of your watch histories. However, you can use some workaround methods like saving the reels that you like or viewing your liked reels from the manage likes section of your profile. You can send some reels to your friend and followers or another account of yours as well. And finally, a cumbersome thing actually but remembering the creator’s account can also do the deed. In this article, we will delve a little deeper into and let you know how to check your Instagram reels watch history.

Check your Instagram reels watch History

Save them instantly when you like any reels

You can save any reels that you find interesting. This may sound overwhelming when, for instance, you like a lot of posts but then this is one of the ways you can track your history only of the saved reels. You can follow these steps to save your liked reels and access them later :

  • In the specific reel that you like, tap the three dots option and then choose “save”.
  • You will find these reels in your saved posts section.
  • To access them, Go to your profile section.
  • Tap the hamburger icon at the top right corner.
  • Select “Saved”.
  • You will see all your saved media here, including posts, reels, audio, etc.
  • Directly switch to the reels tab to view all the reels that you have saved.

Like that reels so that you can check on posts you’ve liked the section

One of the ways to watch your Instagram history is through your liked posts. Now in this way, you will not see all of your histories but can go through your liked reels. Therefore first thing is to Instantly like those reels so that you can later check on the posts you’ve liked. For this you can follow these steps :

How to check your liked posts on instagram:

  • Open The Instagram app and switch to your profile section. Now select the icon with three horizontal lines (hamburger menu) and then choose “Settings”.
  • From Settings, Click on Search and then search for “Manage Likes”, and then tap on the result. Instagram has moved the likes section from Account -> Posts You’ve Liked to “Manage likes”.
  • And now you can see all the posts you’ve liked. You can also look at your liked reels from the posts.

Send the reel to your Friend immediately.

Yet another way is to send your reel to your friend immediately if you liked it. You can even create a new account just for the purpose of sharing your liked reels. If this makes sense to you, you just have to click on the share icon on the reel that you like and then share it with the account that you want. however, the option to save that particular reel is much more convenient rather than to share it with the other account just because of the ease of accessing it in the future.

Remember the Instagram username of the creator.

Okay! I know this sounds cumbersome. And Yes it is. Remembering the name of the account or the creator is, I believe too much to ask for. And for what? To check your Instagram reels watch history. And if truth be told, this isn’t even that effective. But yeah, this is one thing that can be done if you feel that the content that the account is very good and worth remembering.

Download Activity Data from Instagram online

Instagram has a very good option for their users in which they can download their activity data. This data contains all the information about all the activities the user has done over the life of their account. The process for that is :

  • Launch Instagram on Desktop or visit the official portal on your web browser.
  • login to your account.
  • Click on the Profile icon and choose Settings
  • Select the Privacy and Security tab.
  • Click on Request Download
  • Enter your active email address, and choose the format in which you want to receive the activity log.
  • After clicking on the Next button, enter your account password and proceed.
  • Now, wait until you receive an email from the Instagram servers.
  • When you have received the email, open the link provided within it.
  • Download Information from the official page.
  • Visit the folder destination where you have downloaded the file.
  • Open the downloaded folder and go to the Content subfolder.
  • Now you can see your Instagram reels.

That’s how you can Check your Instagram reels and watch History by using these Technique.

Garima Jain